I stumbled upon this Mexica-tessen in San Francisco. I had no idea what a Mexica-tessen was, so I decided I would walk into La Palma and find out.

La Palma Mexica-tessen
La Palma Mexica-tessen sign in San Francisco, California.

Here, I discovered that a Mexica-tessan is a wonderful market and taqueria combination in the Mission District on the corner of Florida and 24th Street. I had some delicious tortillas and tamales. Their corn tortillas are soft, rich in flavor and “two-ply”; they have an airy pocket in the middle. The tamales have a good flavor. Besides traditional Mexican tamales, they also offer Salvadoreño style tamales. They are wrapped in a banana leaf, rather than a husk. They have a an olive in the middle, so watch out for the pit!

If you’re in San Francisco, you should definitely visit La Palma and give it a try. Get some fresh, homemade tortillas for your dinner one night. You’ll find a huge difference from what you are used to buying in the store.

La Palma Mexica-tessen is located at 2884 24th Street San Francisco, California 94110

What to Get

  • Tortillas
  • Tamales
  • Fresh Masa