You might expect the quesadilla blues to be a sad song. It’s not! It a story about a woman who makes some of the most delicious quesadillas in Los Angeles – quesadillas like they make in Mexico.

If you want some of the best quesadillas in Los Angeles, you’ll have to venture to the neighborhood of Echo Park. Here you will find the famous blue-corn quesadilla lady. You’ll find her cooking up Mexican street food just off Sunset Blvd. on Echo Park Blvd. (to the west) most weekdays for lunch. Look for her cart with the rainbow umbrella at the edge of the parking lot behind El Clasico Tattoo.

Her authentic quesadillas are made from fresh blue-corn tortillas that are filled with cheese and an array of other fillings. You’ll find something for the vegetarian and meat-lover alike. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, try the squash blossom and mushroom quesadillas. Then taste the papas con chorizo (potato and Mexican sausage) for a greasy treat. Finally, you can can finish off with a danger dog (a Los Angeles style street hog dog wrapped in bacon usually topped with jalapeño and grilled onions). It’s not totally Mexican, but an LA street food favorite. Quesadillas are great way to eat in Los Angeles for under $5. Provecho!

Where to Find the Quesadilla Lady

A cart located on Echo Park Blvd. to the west of Sunset Blvd. in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.