Fresh off my trip from Mexico, I was asked to bring some of the authentic flavors to the designers at Chase Design Group. This award-winning design team hosted a salsa tasting party at their studios in Los Angeles. I organized this delightful event where everyone got to taste a variety of salsas. The spiciness of these concoctions ranged from mild to ultra spicy.

The salsas were served with homemade tortillas chips and other appetizers. Cucumbers topped with a blend of sesame seed and chiles provided a refreshing bit when things got too spicy. Of course, I brought some very unique products to taste as well.

The favorite seemed to be the salsa with chapulines – small grasshoppers. These grasshoppers have been eaten since pre-Hispanic times and remain a favorite today. It was great to see the girls work up courage to taste this salsa made with insects. Finally, with fear aside, Stephanie and Jinny went in for the first bites. And they liked it!

An afternoon of salsa tasting would be complete without a sip of mezcal to wash it down. I brought back a bottle of Alipús Mezcal and sal de gusano – worm salt. The worms that live on the maguey are dried and pulverized with salt. Mezcal is traditionally served with this worm salt and often an orange.

Mezcal Alipus
Mezcal Alipús and worm salt