Cucumber ice cubes are the perfect summer refreshment. I grew some cucumbers in my garden this year and the plant took off like wildfire. I had so many cucumbers and ran out of pickle jars. I started making cucumber aguas frescas which were so refreshing. I had some extra and decided to make some popsicles and ice cubes. The ice cubes turned out to be great. They made water more refreshing and added a great nuance of flavor to vodka cranberry cocktails. Cucumber ice cubes and popsicles are easy to make with the recipe below.

Cucumber Ice Cubes
Cucumber Ice Cubes


Cucumber Ice Cubes

Cucumber Ice Cubes

Use this recipe to make delicious cucumber ice cubes to kick up your water or favorite cocktail. This recipe also works great for cucumber popsicles.
Course Condiment, Drinks
Cuisine Mexican


  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Blender


  • 1 Large Cucumber
  • 2-3 Cups Water
  • 1/4 Cup Sugar
  • Pinch Salt


  • Peel and roughly chop a large cucumber into one inch pieces. It doesn't matter how they look, because they're going into the blender.
  • Add cucumber, sugar, salt to blender. Fill blender with water until cucumbers are submerged. Blend until smooth.
  • Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. If you have popsicle molds, these are also a great summer treat for kids.
  • Serve with water or your favorite cocktail. These cucumber ice cubes are great for tequila drinks, mojitos and vodka cranberry cocktails.


Add more sugar to taste if you want to make a sweeter popcicle and pour into a popcicle mold.