I love honey! It’s my preferred sweetener, along with agave nectar. In addition to adding sweetness to many dishes, the nectar of the bees brings back sweet childhood memories.

I always think of my childhood friend, Amy, when I buy honey because her dad is a beekeeper. To this day he still keeps bees in my hometown of Oakdale. He even has bee boxes on my dad’s property, so he shares some of the harvest with my family.

Rather than buying miel (as it’s known in Mexico) from a store in Mexico City, I buy it from the honey man. Well, there’s several honey men. But they all have one thing in common – neatly stacked carts of jars full of sweet, amber goodness. They wheels their carts around the neighborhoods selling many bee related products, like pollen, comb and even royal jelly. This last time I got avocado flower honey. I’ve been using it over avocados, vanilla ice cream and in my tea. So, when you’re visiting Mexico, buy a small jar or at least a honey stick to give it a try.