Pork is one of my main food groups. I can’t get enough of it. After bacon, carnitas is my favorite form of pig meat. The tender, deep-fried pork pieces are juicy and perfect for a taco. Fortunately for me, there’s a puesto a few blocks away from me that has delicious carnitas. So when I get my carnitas cravings, pork heaven is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away.

On the corner of Aguascalientes and Insurgentes Sur, where Condesa meets Roma, there is “Ricos Tacos de Carnitas, Estilo Puebla”. A giant vat of oil sits under a rack various pork parts – carnitas. Aside from the roast cuts of meat, there is also liver, tongue, pig snout and other offals. I think I’m actually going to give the pig nose a try next time. I’ve never had it. Speaking of things I’ve never had, I also tried a green called “papalo“. It had a bright but soapy taste.

Be sure when you our out in Mexico city to try all the street food you can. Order carnitas tacos. If you want pure, clean-cuts of roast meat without the fat, be sure to ask for “maciza“. But I actually like mine with a little fat. And skin too if they have it.

Carnitas (Maciza) Tacos
Carnitas (Maciza) Tacos in Mexico City
Chef on the streets of Mexico cooking up carnitas
Papalo Herb
Papalo is a green with a bright, soapy taste that is served with carnitas tacos
Carnitas Tacos
Carnitas tacos with salsa
Chopping Carnitas
Chopping the meat for my tacos
Tromp - Pig Snout
Trompa or pig snout is often served at carnitas stands
Carnitas – various pig parts sit over a vat of hot lard

Ricos Tacos de Carnitas–Estilo Puebla
Corner of Aguascalientes & Insurgentes Sur
Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico