I can’t complain about my apartment in Mexico City. It’s everything an artist could want – spacious, beautiful and full of natural light. Though, I think the best thing is waking up to the smell of quesadillas by Doña Chelo in the morning and coming home in the evening to the air filled with the delicious smell of beef birria. Birria is a traditional Mexican cuisine that hails from Jalisco, Mexico. It’s usually prepared with goat or sheep that is marinated with dried chiles and spices.

Right outside my door, I have a wonderful street food stand where Rafael prepares his own version of birria de res or beef birria. It is braised in a seasoned broth for several hours until it is tender and juicy. The texture reminds me of my grandma’s pot roast, but the flavor is definitely more robust and slightly spicy.

Beef Birria Tacos
Beef Birria Tacos
Birria – Mexican Street Food
Rafa preparing beef birria for tacos
Cooking Beef Birria
Beef birria braising in a giant kettle, the scent wafts thru my apartment
Beef birria broth
Beef birria broth

For twelve years, on this very corner, Rafael has stewed his birria. When it’s ready he takes it out of the broth and chops it into fine pieces for tacos. The small corn tortillas are dipped in the broth, heated on the comal and served with cilantro and onion. He then served a small bowl of consomé, which is absolutely fantastic. A few squeezes of fresh lime juice over the taco and into the broth adds a brightness which compliments the flavors wonderfully.

Consome de Birria
Delicious consome warms you up on a cold day

If you want, ask for salsa at the bottom of your consomé bowl and add some marinated onions and habanero for extra heat. Now get to dipping! Dip your taco into the broth for a taco experience that you won’t forget. You can also order a stew with meat in broth.

Where to Find Beef Birria in Mexico City

Visit Rafael at his beef birria puesto on the corner of Chilpancingo and Aguascalientes just a few blocks from Parque Mexico in the Condesa neighborhood. I hope you don’t have the same problem I have of not being able to stop eating these delicious birria tacos.