The lush state of Chiapas offers some of the most beautiful hand-made textiles in Mexico. The cloud-covered highlands of Chiapas guards several Mayan communities, the Zapatistas and sustainable milpas (traditional farm plots) where the locals grow their food.

Surrounding the town of San Cristóbal de las Casas, you will encounter communities practicing traditional Mayan weaving and embroidery. Each community weaves meaningful designs, patterns and shapes that have been passed down generations. Though the culinary scene is more modest here, there are opportunities to explore regional flavors and foods used in Mayan diets for centuries. 

Suggested Activities in and around San Cristóbal, Chiapas:

  • Home visits to artisans producing Mayan textiles with traditional techniques
  • Visit the church in Chamula and experience a traditional Mayan spiritual cleanse
  • Chocolate Tasting and Cacao Production
  • Coffee Tasting and Production
  • Visit to Cruxton where the spirit, Pox, is made
  • Museums: Textile, Amber, Jade, Cultural and Local History
  • Market tours: Food market and craft market
  • Visit the Cathedrals and Churches
  • Outdoor Activities: Horseback rides, Hiking and Nature
  • Local Festivals and Events (depending on time of year)
  • Full-day trips to Canyon Sumidero, Chiflon Falls and other locations
  • Multi-day trips to Mayan ruins of Palenque or Selva Lacandona (Jungle)

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Backstrap Loom
Juana demonstrates the backstrap loom as her kids play nearby
Embroidered Garment Chiapas
Little Juana shows me recently completed embroidery by her mother
Staircase of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
Beautiful staircase of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
Chiles at Market in Mexico
Chiles, jamaica and Virgin Mary at the market in Chiapas
Handmade Tortillas in Zinacantán, Chiapas
Handmade tortillas in Zinacantán, Chiapas
Colorful Fruits at Market in San Cristóbal, Chiapas
Colorful fruits at the market in San Cristóbal, Chiapas
Locasl in Zinacantán, Chiapas
Locals in Zinacantán, Chiapas wear elaborately embroidered flowers on their shawls and ponchos
Zapatistas in Chiapas
An exciting visit to a Zapatista community in Chiapas