Free Warby Parker glasses can be yours. Learn how I got mine. This post isn’t paid or sponsored.

I love free goodies, and sometimes I lucked out. Well, the stars aligned this past week when I had to shop for my first pair of prescription glasses. With everything happening with Covid, I didn’t want to go into a store trying on glasses. I had seen an ad on TV for a virtual try-on of glasses from Warby Parker. So I decided to give it a try, and it went great!

I actually got lucky and got FREE Warby Parker glasses all because I used the CapitalOne Shopping app. It usually saves a little bit of money, but once I ran the codes, it gave me a discount of 100% OFF. My pair of specs were completely free. Read below to find out how to give free glasses a try.

Warby Parker Glasses Home Try-on is Easy

First of all, I loved my experience trying on glasses with Warby Parker. I went online for the virtual try-on but left with so much more. Here’s how the process went:

Virtual Try-on of Glasses

I’ve never had prescription glasses before, so I decided I should start with a virtual try-on. First, I got an idea of what I liked by using the Warby Parker app for virtual try-on). I used my iPad for this (my iPhone SE 2nd gen didn’t work with the virtual try-on). After installing the app, it was super easy to try on a variety of styles to see what shapes looked good on me. It also gave me a good idea of what colors I liked.

I then discovered that Warby also offers an at-home try-on for free. So, I decided to give that a whirl. I narrowed my virtual selections down to five pairs. I didn’t know if the wide or medium fit would be right for me in one of the styles. So, I nixed one of the styles and opted to get both sizes of the one style so I could see and feel the difference physically.

The five pair of Warby Parker glasses for my home try-on.

Warby Home Try-on

I love the concept of the Warby home try-on and love that it is free. I added my five selections on the app to my cart and placed my order. In a few days, I had a small box in my mailbox with five pairs of glasses neatly organized for me to try.

You get to keep the box for five days and play with your glasses. I tried them all on first. Then I spent a few hours wearing my favorites. I even tried them on with my favorite hats to make sure they looked good with everything. I even put up a survey on my Instagram to see what my friends thought of my choices.

After making a decision (whether you find a pair you like or not), you simply put all the glasses back in the box and stick on the pre-paid shipping label. Drop it in your mailbox or at the post office, and you’re all set.

Now, log into your app or their website to order your favorite glasses. The glasses are stylish and affordable – starting at $95 a pair – with prescriptions. There are other upgrades as well, such as blue light filtering lenses. Another super thing about Warby Parker is they work with organizations to donate a pair of glasses for every pair sold. So, it’s goodness all around, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a free set too! Read how to get your free Warby Parker glasses below.

Hughes in Crystal Chestnut was my final selection for my first pair of glasses.

Free Warby Parker Glasses

Though I love free deals, I wasn’t seeking a deal on these glasses. At a mere $95 they seemed pretty affordable, especially for the convenience. So, I was expecting to pay full price. Well, I somehow lucked out and during checkout, my order came up as free. It was because I was using the CapitalOne Shopping plug-in with my CapitalOne card.

It seems you need to do a few things to get the full $95 discount – making your Warby Parker glasses free! Here’s how I got my free pair.

  1. CapitalOne Credit Card. You need to use your CapitalOne credit card and take advantage of Eno to set up a virtual card for your purchase. You set up the virtual card during the checkout process. Apply here for a CapitalOne Credit Card.
  2. Install the CapitalOne Shopping Plug-in. CapitalOne Shopping is a service that compares prices and offers rewards as well. I’ve been using it for months and love it. It’s saved me a lot of money here and there by finding better deals for me. My favorite thing about it is that it gathers promo codes and runs them all at check out. That’s how I got my Warby Parker glasses FREE! When the CapitalOne shopping app ran all the promo codes, it found one for a discount of $95 – making my glasses completely free! Sign-up for CaptialOne Shopping (formerly Wikibuy).
  3. Complete Checkout at Warby Parker. After you have activated your virtual card number with Eno and ran the promo codes from the CapitalOne shopping plug-in, your glasses may come up free in your cart!

So if you’re looking for a Warby Parker discount code or promo code, give this a try and good luck with your new look! Let me know in the comments below how this goes for you.