Cooking Classes

Put on your apron and grab a knife, it’s time for cooking class! Whether you’re a novice or experienced cook, I’ll help you learn to conquer the kitchen and cook new dishes. Join me on my culinary adventures through Mexico. Schedule a group cooking class, a private one-on-one in your home, or attend one of my upcoming events.

The cooking classes and culinary experiences I offer vary greatly. You can learn everything from basic cutting and preparation techniques to making complex Mexican sauces. You’ll leave with new confidence and set of recipes so you can return home and conquer the kitchen.

What’s Cooking in Mexico?

While in Mexico City, we’ll tour the traditional market and see how the locals shop as we learn about chiles, local produce, and other ingredients essential to Mexican cuisine. Then we’ll return to the kitchen, roast chilies on the comal, and make a variety of unique salsas to accompany the other dishes we’ll make. In Chiapas, we’ll visit an indigenous market and explore the exotic ingredients of pre-hispanic cuisine. In Oaxaca, we also offer a special class with a regional chef along with a cheese-making demonstration. I can arrange a culinary event for you, no matter where you’re traveling in Mexico.

Private Cooking Classes

You can book a private cooking class with me in your kitchen. Learn about new ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques that work for you or invite your friends over and make a cooking party out of the evening. Follow me on social media to see where I’m currently located or shoot me an email to find out when I’ll be in your area.

Mexican Food Cooking Class
Learn how to cook Mexican food with fresh ingredients
Dried Chiles Cooking Class
Learn how to cook with dried chilis
Salsa Ranchera with Queso Panela
Salsa Ranchera with Queso Panela
Mexican Pickled Onoins
Pickled Onions have beautiful bright pink color.
Roasted Salsa Recipe
Learn to make roasted salsa
Salsa in Molcajete
Learn to make salsa in a molcajete