Living Letters ABC Book

About the Alphabet Book

“Living Letters ABC” is my new alphabet book project. It embodies my love of typography and passion for textile design and handcrafts of Mexico. After nearly a year, it is finally complete.

This book began in August of 2017 with twenty-six doodles of letters that evolved into plush creatures. The plush letterforms were made by local artisan, Silvia Díaz of Chiapas, Mexico. She worked from my sketches, watercolors, and digital designs. As these creatures came to life, I began to post them on my Instagram. They received a lot of love and friends wanted to buy them.

Plush ABC Alphabet
The first plush ABC made for Living Letters

So, I created a limited run of custom letters for people. Due to an overwhelming response, I did a second run. This time with a bigger vision in mind. I was going to make a complete alphabet book. So, for the second set of letters, I let friends and followers adopt a letter of the alphabet. They each received a custom letter, a thank you, and a signed copy of the book.

Silvia began to work on the entire alphabet using traditional embroidery techniques combined with my designs. I also asked for the help of my friend, Martha Meza Gúzman, to create a stitched font to use in the book. Once all of the elements were complete, I photographed each letter. I did sketches of environments for each one. Then, I created these worlds in the computer and united them with the characters to create the final illustrations.

This alphabet book brings joy to kids and adults alike. May you enjoy the wonder of this book from A-Z.

You can read more about how the book came to be here.

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A portion of the profits from each book goes back to artisans in Mexico!


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